Hoverboard Kit

Hoverboard Kit


The Hoverboard® is amazingly simple to learn and in no time you will find yourself hovering across the water. The Hoverboard® connects to the jet discharge of your Personal Watercraft (PWC) and uses the thrust to propel the rider above the water.
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    * Bolt & Adapter Kit for connection to your particular PWC sold separately.

    -FB03A01 U Pipe
    -FB03A03 Hose Swivel
    -FB03A08 Pump Interface with Venturi
    -FB02002 Main Hose
    -FB02003 Stainless T-Bolt Hose Clamps
    -FB02020 Hose Strap
    -FB02021 Carabiner Hook
    -FB02022 Fastening Strap
    -HB01004 Footpads (pair)
    -HB01005 Stainless Socket Cap Screws
    -HB01009 Foot Straps (pair)
    -HB01B01 Equipped Oval Connector
    -HB01B02 Hoverboard® Deck
    -HB01062 Stainless Button Head Screws

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