First look at the new 2015 Flyboard ProSeries in action

We were so excited to finally see video footage from the new Flyboard in action. The much anticipated 2015 board is finally ready to be shipped out to dealers around the world.

With the technology being so new you are bound to run into a few snags along the manufacturing process. Earlier this month Zapata Racing encountered some problems with the plastic quality of the new transparent Y-Pipe. Zapata Racing has always been very thorough with ensuring that their products are of the highest quality and can pass resistance and reliability testsing. Many of the parts passed and even exceeded the realability tests, all except for the Y-pipe. For security and professionalism they decided to create the new Y-Pipe out of a more realible material, meaning the new pipe would not be completely transparent.

Despite this small snag, the new board offers many new features and innovations. Among them is a secure twist system that allows the board to rotate on its axis from 10 to 20°, allowing the rider to move one foot at a time. This innovation is equipped with a return spring, allowing the rider to return to a neutral position, as well as stops to lock and limit the spin angle. With this new ability to move feet independently it will be interesting to see what new tricks the Pros will come up with!

Ontario Flyboard is expecting to recieve our new Flyboard any day now and we are so excited to try it out for ourselves! Contact us if you are interested in purchasing the new 2015 Flyboard ProSeries for yourself.

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