How to throw the best Flyboard party ever!

Are you planning an awesome summer party and want to take it to the next level? Having Ontario Flyboard come to your party is a sure fire way to make sure your party is unforgettable!

Below is list of tips and things you should consider before your big bash.

1. Choose the location wisely. With an Ontario Flyboard Party Package you have the option of having it at a location of your choice or at Calabogie Peaks Resort.

Keep in mind that if you are having a party at the Calabogie Peaks Resort beach you cannot bring your own food or drinks. However this can be a bonus if you don’t want to worry about preparing food and drinks for your guests or have to do the dishes later. There is an awesome (fully licensed) restaurant directly on the beach that you and your friends can enjoy. Hosting the party at your own cottage has many perks aswell.

2. Figure out where the best viewing area will be. Is the water in front of your dock deep enough for Flyboarding? Or will the Flyboarding have to take place in the middle of the lake?

If the water isn't deep enough for Flyboarding to take place right in front of your dock, spectaters may get a better view from the water. Make sure you have enough life jackets on your boat so you and all your friends will be able to anchor the boat nearby and watch.

Although your Ontario Flyboard Party Package include video footage from helmet cameras you'll probably want to document the days events for yourself.

Tell your friends to bring their cameras (waterproof is a bonus), GoPros and selfie sticks because there is sure to be some awesome photo opportunities. Create a Facebook group for the Party so everyone can share their photos and videos

Make sure you also share your pictures with Ontario Flyboard or tag us in them because we would love to see them.

4. Have lots of refreshing drinks on hand. While soaring high above the water you and your guests may not be feeling the heat but on warm sunny days it’s very important to stay hydrated. Keep a cooler stocked of drinks close by your guests for them to enjoy while they wait for their turn.

5.Finish the day with a meal. You’re supposed to wait 30 minutes after eating to go swimming, the same rule should probably apply for flying.

Have your guests eat before coming to your Flyboard party, provide light snacks throughout the day and then end the day with a big meal or BBQ. Spending a day by the water Flyboarding can certainly build up an appetite, sharing a meal with your family and friends will give you a chance share pictures and videos while reminiscing on the days events.

6. Organize prizes for the most epic trick or most spectacular fail of the day. Have everyone vote on the best or worst rider! The prize can be a sweet treat the winner can share with everyone else, you could get creative and make your own trophy or a give them a funny gag gift they can take home.

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