The verdict is in...

The verdict is in on the new 2015 Flyboard Pro Series, and it's AWESOME!

Along with many other dealers around the world we received our new Flyboard last week. We were so excited to receive our new board that we couldn't wait for it to be shipped so we drove all night to pick it up. Who needs sleep anyways?

One of our certified instructors, Emily, was the first one to jump on the board. As recommended by Zapata Racing, she started with the board in a locked position and after a few minutes unlocked it at 10 degrees. Like many other riders who have tried the new board, she immediately noticed how much lighter it feels.

Compared to the 2014 Flyboard which weighs roughly 23lbs, the 2015 Flyboard is only slightly lighter at around 18lbs. However when you’re flying high above the water this slight difference in weight makes a big difference in the feeling of flying.

Once unlocked, the riders possible trick repertoire nearly triples. There is increased control allowing tricks to be more precise and easier to execute. Emily, like other riders, was able to accomplish tighter turns and spins by tilting one foot. This new feature has also had a positive effect for beginner Flyboarders. With the ability to spin easier beginners are able to turn around faster and recover rather than falling backwards into the water when they lose their balance.

The other big differences people have noticed about the new board is it’s beautiful design. The 2015 Flyboard is much sleeker and futuristic looking. The jet streams coming from the board are also cleaner due to the new rubber gasket at the swivel that prevents water from leaking out the hose.

All in all, the new 2015 Flyboard ProSeries has really impressed us at Ontario Flyboard. We can’t wait to keep practicing on this new board and learning new tricks. Contact us if you're interested in trying out the new Flyboard or purchasing your own!

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