Ultimate List of Things You'll Need For Flyboarding

Have you booked a rental session with Ontario Flyboard or are planning to drop by our new permanent rental location in Ottawa and are wondering what exactly you need to bring with you?

Well wonder no more! We've put together the ultimate list of things you'll need to bring with you to make sure you get the most of your Flyboard experience.

1. Bathing suit: This might seem like a no-brainer but we've had clients arrive without them before.

2. Towel: This goes with the bathing suit, you WILL get wet while Flyboarding so you should definitely bring a towel to dry off afterwards.

3. Sunscreen: The sun's rays will be coming from above and below as they reflect off the waters surface while you fly above it. Its a good idea to apply sunscreen well before heading out on the water to give it time to soak in and to reapply after to prevent sunburns which can put a damper on your Flyboard experience.

4. Water: You may not feel dehydrated while soaring above and through the water however it goes without saying that it is super important to stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water to keep on the Seadoo so it is easily accessible during your flying session.

5. Camera: If you have a waterproof camera, make sure you bring it with you! You can take the ultimate selfies while Flying or give the camera to a friend on the back of the Seadoo to take action shots. If you don't have a waterproof camera, you should bring a regular one and have a friend take pictures from the shore.

6. Friends: This is one of the more important items on our list. There are many advantages to bringing a group of friends with you to your Flyboard rental session, including have your own personal photographers to capture your experience and your own personal cheering squad! You'll also be able to laugh together over your most spectacular wipe-outs afterwards.


7. Wetsuit, Life Jacket or Helmet: Ontario Flyboard has a variety of sizes of wet suits, life jackets and helmets for clients to use during their rental session however you are more than welcome to bring your own gear if you are more comfortable in it.

Think of something we missed? Send us a message on Facebook or via e-mail to let us know.

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