5 Ways to Get the Most FUN Out of Flyboarding

As if Flyboarding wasn't enough fun already, we've put together a list of 5 things to do while Flyboarding to make it more fun!

1. Have a Pose-Off:

When you're Flyboarding with your friends see who can strike the best pose! Have someone take pictures of your pose attempts and share the best one's Facebook for everyone to see and with Ontario Flyboard.

If we like your pose we can share it to our Facebook page!

2. Throw around a ball:

Grab a ball (make sure it floats first) and see how many times you can pass it back and forth without dropping it or falling into the water. If you only booked one Flyboard, you can try passing the ball between someone on a boat or a nearby dock.

3. Wear a costume:

What better time to pull out that old super hero costume or re-use last years halloween costume than when Flyboarding?

You probably will not get many more chances to be dressed as a super hero while actually flying in the air! Check out the picture of Kevin from Sunnyside Campground, he surprised the other campers by dressing up as Superman and flying passed the beach.

4. Start a friendly competition:

Hold a vote at the end of your Flyboard session to determine who was the best or worst flyboarder, who had the most spectacular wipe-outs and who did the biggest and best Dolphin dives.

Make it extra fun by coming up with creative prizes!

5. Challenge yourself:

It takes most people 15 minutes to get up and flying on the Flyboard, so why not challenge yourself to do a few tricks? Depending on the length of your rental session you can practice some beginner tricks, like the Dolphin Dive or the Superman.

Think of something we missed? Send us a message on Facebook or via e-mail to let us know.

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